We have several successful projects with a number of notable firms in Southern California. See for yourself...

Experian (formerly TRW Information Services)
Experian is the quality supplier of consumer and business credit, direct marketing, automotive and real estate information services. The company was formed in 1996 from the merger of two leaders in the information business, CCN Group and TRW Information Systems & Services. Combined sales in fiscal year 1996/97 (April 1, 1996 to March 31, 1997) were US $890 million. NETouch services: Security and Email Consulting, UNIX Consulting, System Administration.

General Monitors, Inc.
In diverse industries around the world, people who work in potentially toxic or flammable environments rely on General Monitors' complete line of combustible and toxic gas monitoring and flame detection products. The company has more than 50 representatives worldwide, plus sales support offices in the Far East, Middle East, Europe and North America. NETouch services: Extranet Design, Hosting, LAN and WAN support, Database Programming, Digital Internet Connectivity, UNIX and Windows consulting.

Kofax Image Products
Kofax Image Products was established in 1985 to create and market hardware and software products needed to bring document image processing technology onto personal computer platforms. Today the company is one of the industry's leading developers of component software applications, component development tools and hardware accelerators used to build production-level document imaging solutions for the PC LAN environment. NETouch services: Consulting, Hosting, FTP Services.

KnowledgeQuest creates highly-interactive Web-based software training products using proprietary authoring tools that employ their unique Xstream Media streaming technology. Behind the single external Web page is an extensive intranet that supports KnowledgeQuest's projects with Ziff-Davis and other multinational educational publishers. NETouch services: Consulting, Hosting, Web/Database integration, Digital Internet Connectivity.

PeopleWare Technical Resources
PeopleWare Technical Resources, Inc. is an agency specializing in the recruitment and placement of individuals in areas of the Internet, client/server and microsystem application development and support. PeopleWare offers both contract and full-time employment opportunities. NETouch services: Consulting, Design, Hosting, Database Programming.

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod -- Pacific Southwest District
In its 150th year, The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod counts 2.6 million members in 6,145 congregations. The original constitution was written in German (and German continued to prevail in worship and writing until World War I). Today, the list of pastors includes names like Schmidt and Nguyen and Perez and O'Connor and Zyskowski and King and Pacilli. While English dominates now, on any given Sunday, there may be worship in at least 20 different languages--including Spanish, Hmong, Eritrean, Russian, Finnish, Slovak, Chinese, even German. NETouch services: Consulting, Design, Hosting


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